Dog Issues Warning After Finding Out Who’s Profiting Off Beth’s Death

Dog the Bounty Hunter is warning fans not to buy t-shirts from grifters trying to make a buck off Beth's death. The family is also not seeking donations.

The Chapman family is still reeling from Beth’s death last week from throat cancer. In addition to processing their feelings and adjusting to a world without the beloved matriarch, they are combatting grifters who are trying to make a buck off of Beth’s death and memory.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s love for his wife is evident to anyone who ever watched their television shows. He doesn’t want her memory sacrificed so creeps can make a buck. He even took to Twitter to warn fans not to buy t-shirts from these people trying to cash in on Beth’s passing.

Even worse, people are setting up accounts soliciting donations for the family. Dog is making it clear that the family doesn’t need money and certainly isn’t requesting it.

It is completely appalling that anyone grieving the death of their mother or spouse has to take the time and effort to combat these creeps trying to cash in on their sadness. But, that is what the Chapmans are facing right now.

Dog the Bounty Hunter made it clear in a very emotional interview that he does not have his hand out seeking donations. They are not using Beth’s death as a way to cash in. Instead he wants her memory honored properly.

Duane Chapman wants people to know that they struggling through this journey but they will do things properly for Beth. She was the love of his life and deserved that. They will be having a service for Beth in Colorado on July 12.

Dog gets rather emotional in the video below speaking about Beth’s death and combatting these grifters who are trying to swindle fans out of their hard earned cash. Last week, just hours after her passing, they had to deal with her being called a racist by a Hollywood race-baiter. Now, they are fighting nonsense on another front. The Chapmans could certainly use prayers.

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