Ranked! The Worst WWE Pay-Per-View Matches Of The Year (So Far)

The WWE had some bad pay-per-views in 2019 already, and there have been some matches that were far from good. So, which ones are the worst so far?

Bad matches happen, no matter what promotion you are watching. That being said, the WWE takes the cake this year when it comes to bad pay-per-views and subsequent matches. We had quite the choice already, but these are the 5 worst pay-per-view matches in our opinion.

1. Baron Corbin Versus Kurt Angle At WWE WrestleMania 35


This one is the worst for us by far. Unfortunately, the match involved one of the WWE’s greatest icons – Kurt Angle.

The match between Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle was meant to be a retirement match for the Olympic legend, but it was far from a tribute to the legend we expected. Instead, Baron Corbin came out looking super-strong, while Kurt Angle almost appeared like a jobber. No wonder that Baron Corbin is now one of the most hated superstars on the roster.

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