Yesterday, we reported that Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger got married on Saturday in a private ceremony in front of their family and friends. Now, it has been revealed that one surprising person was not at the ceremony, and was possibly not invited at all.

Fox News reported that Joseph Baena, who is Katherine’s half-brother, was not at the ceremony. Joseph is the 21-year-old love child of Katherine’s father Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had him while having an affair with his family’s former housekeeper Mildred Baena. Katherine’s mother Maria Shriver immediately divorced Schwarzenegger after the affair came to light in 2011.

While Joseph was not present at the wedding, he seemed to have no hard feelings towards his half-sister, as he commented on Katherine’s wedding photos on Instagram with a heart emoji and a simple “Congratulations!”

This comes two months after Katherine came under fire for not including Joseph in her National Siblings Day post on social media. When a social media user called her out for this, Katherine did not hesitate to fire back with the characteristic Schwarzenegger toughness.

“Saw in your profile it says ‘god always.’ Just wanted to remind you of Gods presence in all of our lives and even in yours as you come spreading hurtful words and judgment,” Katherine wrote to the user. “He does not judge you or any of us. I am praying for you and sending you love not because what you said is okay, but because I believe you need love to heal whatever is causing you to post comments like this. god bless you!”

While it’s a shame that Joseph was not at the wedding, this is a family situation that is clearly very complicated, so it’s important for none of us to judge too harshly. Joseph’s comment on Katherine’s Instagram page makes it clear that he holds no bitterness towards her, so it’s time that the rest of us step back and allow this family some peace.