NXT Champs Rumored To Join Main Roster, Ric Flair Says He’ll Live To 95

Two NXT Champions are rumored to be on WWE's radar to join the main roster. Also, Ric Flair claims he's living until 95 after his latest surgery.

Takeover XXV might not have looked like much on paper, but the show was a hit. In the main event, Adam Cole won the NXT Championship by defeating Johnny Gargano.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cole and Shayna Bazler are expected to be the next call-ups to the main roster. If this does happen, the timing will be interesting as both wear NXT gold.

Bazler is in the middle of her second reign and has been nearly unstoppable on the yellow and black brand. Cole has been a favorite of the audience since he joined, despite always portraying the heel as part of the Undisputed Era.

We saw how the War Raiders joined the main roster while still NXT Tag Team Champions. They ended up vacating the titles during TV tapings and that could be something WWE does again. Or, a title change is always possible.  

– After undergoing surgery last month, Ric Flair feels like he can live to be 95 years old. The most recent surgery saw the WWE Hall of Famer have a new pacemaker installed.

“This is the fourth time I’ve been in [the hospital] in seven weeks,” said Flair to TMZ. “The other ones I was just able to lay low and go in for procedures. They finally figured out what type of pacemaker to put on me, which I have found out just how important the operation of your heart is. You can’t breath if you’re hearts not working. I stayed for 48 hours just to make sure. I feel great, the prognosis is that I could live to be 95.”

While at the hospital, Flair was visited by the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, Charles Barkley, Triple H and many others.

The past few years have seen Flair undergo many operations. Many of those were due to decades of drinking, which Flair has claimed to given up.

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