ESPN Has WWE Award + Andrade Suffers Another Loss

Every year, ESPN awards the ESPYs. This year, WWE will actually be included. Also, after already suffering one loss, Andrade suffers another.

-If you follow sports, you are no doubt familiar with ESPN and their annual award show, the ESPYs.

WWE has been involved with ESPN for a bit now. As the company has gotten bigger and more popular, and as there has been more UFC cross-over (and as ESPN’s ratings have sagged), the sports channel has covered WWE more and more.

John Cena has even hosted the ESPYs.

Now, with this year’s edition of the show, WWE will find itself as having an awards category. ESPN announced that there will be a new award, for “best WWE moment”.

Fans can vote online, and the choices are: Becky Lynch‘s WrestleMania win, Kofi Kingston’s WrestleMania win, Roman Reigns coming back from leukemia, and Ronda Rousey getting her WWE Women’s Championship.

Fans are able to vote online here.

It’s an interesting maturation for WWE, if you will. While the company has done some of it’s own year-end awards, they are mostly seen as a joke or a plot point and nothing else. For WWE to (finally) get some semblance of a mainstream award is interesting.

It is also a bit curious that the decision was to focus on moments, rather than Superstar of the Year type honors. However, that option may conflict with the overall ESPY for Athlete of the Year.

-It has already been a down few weeks for WWE Superstar Andrade. Recently we learned that his mother had passed away. He had spent time off of television to grieve, as would be expected.

Now, just as he is getting back onto television, he has suffered another personal loss.

Andrade also confirmed the loss via his Twitter:

It’s never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one, but to have to endure the loss of two people so close to you, and so close in terms of timing, is that much harder.

We extend our condolences to Andrade and hope that he is able to bounce back soon.

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