Beth Chapman took to Twitter this week to criticize “insensitive talk among family members” in regards to her battle with cancer. This comes amidst reports that Beth is currently in a feud with her stepdaughter Lyssa despite the fact that the 51-year-old reality television star is currently fighting for her life.

In Touch Weekly reported that a fan tweeted Beth this week saying, “I am fighting breast cancer. Some family members just are awful. Someone in my family claims that it is just drama when you are so sick in hospital from treatments and almost die is far from drama. @MrsdogC you are in my prayers. Stay strong.”

Beth, who has long starred on the reality television show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” with her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman, later made it clear that she could not agree with this fan more.

“Yes I agree there is very insensitive talk that goes on amongst family members that’s not appropriate for the person going through it,” Beth said. “It actually makes things worse.”

This came days after Beth took to Twitter to slam her stepdaughter Lyssa for allegedly ignoring her on Mother’s Day.

“I’m very disappointed today,” Beth wrote. “Knowing that not only did my daughter @BabyLyssaC not acknowledge me on Mother’s Day yet texted some of my friends wishing them a HMD She decides to exclude her dad and I from ABBIES graduation On Friday I would have moved a mountain to be there.”

It has been claimed that Lyssa has blocked both Duane and Beth on social media and that she refused to invite them to her daughter’s high school graduation this month. Hollywood Life reported that Lyssa has since been getting into heated exchanges with fans who have rushed to defend Beth among reports of the feud.

“Seriously unimpressed that you didn’t think or wish a happy mother’s day to Beth,” one person wrote. “Very disappointed in you young lady.”

An irate Lyssa responded by writing, “Seriously you don’t know s*** so MYOB also idgaf what you think.”

Doctors have told Beth that her throat cancer is incurable, and she has said in recent weeks that she has stopped getting chemotherapy treatments in favor of looking into alternative treatment options. Fighting with her family is the last thing that Beth needs right now, so regardless of the reason behind the feud, we hope that Lyssa will consider forgiving her stepdaughter. Those who take their parents for granted often end up learning the hard way that mothers and fathers are not around forever, and it would be a shame if Lyssa regrets the way she treated Beth in her time of need later on when it is too late for her to apologize.

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