UFC 237: Jose Aldo Might Keep Fighting After Current Deal Ends After All…

Jose Aldo has outlined how his MMA career could continue longer than expected, just days out from UFC 237.

Jose Aldo has repeatedly talked about completing his UFC contract this year and calling it quits on his storied, MMA career. But, just days before he’s set to fight Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 237, the legend’s outlined how he might keep fighting in the Octagon beyond this year…

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Although Aldo is only 32, the Brazilian star has said he planned to hang-up his MMA gloves after this UFC deal ends. The bout with Volkanovski on Saturday will be the second last of his contract. Aldo has made it clear he wants to give pro-boxing a go, and while he’s said he’d sign another UFC deal if the promotion allowed him to compete in both sports, it’s hard to imagine that happening.

But, more recently Aldo spoke with MMA Junkie, and he relayed that he would be open to signing another UFC contract, if he’s holding the 145 belt.

Yes, I see no problem with that. I always said that my dream was to retire in the UFC and do my entire career in the UFC. I don’t see myself fighting anywhere else. Like I said before, when I talked about retirement, many promotions came looking for Dede to try to close a deal but no, I want to finish my career in the UFC. I don’t see myself tainting – well, not tainting, but fighting somewhere else, feuding with the UFC. I think I owe everything to the UFC. They got me where I am today. So I’ll retire there. If I renew with them, it won’t be a problem, because I have no intention of fighting anywhere else. If I sign a new contract, you can be sure it’s what I’ve always dreamed, as well, of ending my career in the UFC. If I come back one day, like Georges St-Pierre did, it would be in the UFC. I think I belong here.

Now, could Aldo just be saying this? In case he beats Volkanovski on Saturday? And doesn’t want the UFC passing on giving him a title shot for fear he’d just retire if he won the belt? It’s possible. But, it’s unlikely the UFC would make that a condition of him challenging for the belt (on account of what Aldo’s done during is career). The big issue there is that the champ Max Holloway has already defeated him twice. Aldo also said that he hopes to take 2020 off.

One thing is for certain, if Aldo does beat Volkanovski on Saturday, buzz regarding the former champ’s latest run will reach new heights.

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