The UFC Waxes Nostalgic About Some Politician Who Gave Them Love

When Zuffa bought the UFC and were looking for amenable venues for this cagefighting thing, a certain businessman gave them the thumbs up.

The UFC did a slew of mini-documentaries a while back to build out the content on their Fight Pass platform, and they’ve been releasing some of it to YouTube. The latest offering: a look at the some businessman-turned-politician who gave them some love.

Yes, back when Zuffa first bought the UFC, they were scrambling trying to find suitable venues for their events. And guess who owned a few casinos in Atlantic City, NJ, and was cool with letting some cagefights happen on premises?

The truth is, future President of the United States Donald Trump got in bed with more than just the UFC. Heck, an Affliction press conference was even held in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan. But Dana White maintained a pretty solid relationship with Trump over the years, and so here we are, with a nice little video.

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