Lio Rush Claims To Be Broke, Johnny Gargano’s New NXT Role

Lio Rush Claims To Be Broke

Lio Rush might be one of the most disliked superstars backstage. He has a habit of speaking out of turn and doing things that are frowned upon, like brining his family to rehearsals and claiming that he should have his own TV show. This has led to Rush being banned from the locker room and basically removed from the main roster as the company looks for a “hard reset,” meaning he might end up back in NXT or 205 Live with a new gimmick.

For whatever reason, WWE offered Rush a new contract that would last for several years and was in $300,000 range. He turned the offer down, believing he could prove WWE that he is worth more competing for other promotions.

Now, Rush is an apparently stating that he going broke and is not making a livable wage in WWE. Many are upset with this claim, especially considering how Rush brings his family along and they travel first class; something WWE is not footing the bill for.

It is very possible that WWE might have Rush sit out the remainder of his contract like they are doing with Luke Harper. That would mean Rush is unable to sign with any other promotion until his current deal ends in 2020. Rush might want to change his attitude and get back on the good side of his peers if he wants to return to TV.

– NXT is starting to become the home of Johnny Gargano. He has competed in more Takeover matches than anyone else, is their first Grand Slam Champion and won the NXT Championship at Takeover New York.

Now, Gargano is apparently woking backstage as a producer for NXT. We are not sure when Gargano started or if it is permanent, but he sent along the following tweets and also dropped Triple H’s name.