Leftwing Student Arrested For Assaulting Pro-Lifer After She’s ‘Triggered’ By Images Of Aborted Babies

A liberal college student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill was arrested for assault after a video went viral of her attacking a male student from the pro-life group Created Equal.

The arrested student has been identified as 19-year-old Jillian Ward, a feminist who hopes to become a journalist. Fox News reported that Ward said afterward that she assaulted pro-lifer Austin Beigel because she was “triggered” by graphic photographs depicting aborted children, which his group had put up on campus. The group explained that they use the photos to portray “the gruesome reality of abortion and to engage students in conversation about this human injustice.”

The assault occurred on April 2, when Ward approached Beigel and said, “Did y’all put these up?” When he responded that they had, she flew into a rage and began punching him in the face and stomach numerous times.

“F***ing terrible person,” Ward yelled as she hit him. “You’re a terrible person. You — this is not okay. This is not okay. This is not okay. Shut the f**k up right now. This is wrong. This is triggering. You’re not an innocent human being. You’re a terrible person.”

Mark Harrington, president of Created Equal, said that this kind of incident has become unfortunately common on college campuses all over the nation.

“Students being groomed on college campuses to be leaders, writers, and thinkers of the Left are increasing in censorship and violence against those with whom they disagree,” he said.

The fact that this young liberal was so “triggered” by the horrific images of abortion that she just had to assault a pro-lifer could not be more ironic. Had Ward used her words instead of her fists, perhaps she would have realized that she had more in common with Beigel than she thought, as they both clearly found the images to be disturbing to look at. It’s these images that have turned so many young people like Beigel into pro-lifers in the first place, yet Ward had been so conditioned by the liberal media to see anti-abortion folks as evil that she went on the attack as soon as she was confronted by the real horrors of abortion.

In other words, Ward’s small liberal brain exploded when she saw the truth behind a process she’d been taught to fight in favor of!

It’s sad that young conservatives all over the country are being attacked like this on their college campuses simply for expressing their views. This just goes to show that Democrats are no longer the open-minded party that they claim to be, and that they are now more closed-minded to those who think differently from them than ever.

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