Chick-fil-A Gets Some Much Needed Good News as Liberals Continue to Boycott

Over the past few months, liberals have been on a mission to destroy Chick-fil-A because of the restaurant chain’s outspoken Christian beliefs. As boycotts against Chick-fil-A continue to spread across the nation, the chain finally got some much needed good news when it was revealed that a bill that would ban governments from taking action against a business or person for religiously motivated actions is continuing to gain traction in Texas.

Western Journal reported that Senate Bill 1978, which has been aptly nicknamed the “Save Chick-fil-A Bill,” was filed by Texas Republican Sen. Bryan Hughes after the restaurant chain was banned from opening a location in the San Antonio airport because leftwing politicians accused it of promoting “anti-LGBTQ behavior.” Though liberal lawmakers have been trying to shoot the new bill down, it has continued to gain traction in the Texas State Senate.

“We’ve heard disturbing stories about folks being punished just because they choose to contribute to a religious organization that shares their views or values,” Hughes said. “The bill as filed ensures religious beliefs are protected from discrimination. It’s about the First Amendment and freedom of speech, freedom of religion — those uniquely American rights.”

The bill would make it impossible for the government to punish a person or business for actions taken in the name of religion, such as donating to Christian groups that are against same-sex marriage. In addition, the bill calls for “protection of religious beliefs and moral convictions, including beliefs and convictions regarding marriage.”

“Fundamental rights like the free exercise of religion have to be respected,” Hughes explained.

What has happened to Chick-fil-A over the past few months is absolutely shameful, so we’re glad that a bill that would stop the bigoted actions being taken against them from happening could possibly be signed into law. Liberals claim to be all about tolerance, but when it comes to Christians, they are anything but open-minded. While the left is constantly fighting for the rights of Muslims, they are also doing everything they can to silence Christians at every turn. This kind of bigoted anti-Christian behavior has to stop, and we hope other states soon start drawing up bills like the “Save Chick-fil-A” legislation in Texas.

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