Just one day after she called for President Donald Trump to be sexually assaulted, Cher was humiliated in front of the entire country when it was revealed that that she is having trouble selling tickets to her Here We Go Again tour. It seems that even her fans have gotten so tired of Cher’s deranged political attacks that they no longer have any interest in seeing her perform.

Fox News reported that though those close to Cher claim that she has no trouble selling tickets to her shows, the numbers tell a different story. In fact, her situation has gotten so desperate that tickets for her latest tour are selling for embarrassingly low prices in Canada. Tickets for her show in Vancouver last night were on sale on StubHub for $16.25 just hours before she took the stage, and four front row seats were still available for as low a price as $142. For her concert in Calgary, Alberta last week, tickets were being sold for $6. Despite this, a representative for Cher claims that all is well and she is still as successful as ever.

“Both of these markets are sold out,” the representative said. “Cher is actually doing incredible business everywhere. You can check with Pollstar, where reports on box office sales are listed.”

And Cher claims that Trump is the liar!

This comes after Cher has found herself hopelessly infected with one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome that we have ever seen. Her Twitter page is filled constantly with nonsensical (and often misspelled) attacks on Trump that have exposed Cher as the out-of-touch celebrity that she is. Clearly, things have gotten so bad that even her fans have lost all desire to see her onstage.

When will stars like Cher realize that their fans have no interest in their political opinions, and instead just want to see them do what they do best? Perhaps it’s time for Cher to pay a little less attention to Twitter and politics, and to put a little more focus into her singing career. If she does that now, Cher might just be able to keep the few fans she has left!