After months and months of speculation, as to when Brock Lesnar would return to the UFC to battle heavyweight champ, Daniel Cormier, it looks like that’s not happening after all. Is that a good thing? Well, if you like your MMA with a healthy dose of meritocracy, it should be…

Ever since Cormier took the belt from Stipe Miocic last July, the plan/expectation has been that Lesnar would fight for the belt next. The pro-wrestling star even entered the cage at UFC 226 and kicked off his promoting shtick, by giving Cormier a big shove.

But, on Tuesday, Dana White claimed the following while talking to ESPN:

“He told me he’s (Lesnar) done. He’s retired,” White said.

According to the report, the UFC is hoping to book Cormier – Miocic 2 for August 17th, and verbal agreements are in place for the rematch.

So, as noted above, if you ascribe importance to things like rankings, victories and title reigns, then this should be welcome news. Sure, some will argue that since Miocic was bombed out by Cormier in round one, he doesn’t deserve a rematch. But, the Ohio star did hold the heavyweight belt longer than anyone in history, and he’s certainly, way, way, way more deserving of a title shot than Lesnar.

The latter has no official wins on his record since 2010, and he’s coming off a suspension for banned substances. If title fights were determined by sanctioning bodies in MMA, then the chances of Cormier – Lesnar materializing would have been slim to none. Lesnar should have never even been considered for a title fight. The UFC could have looked at doing some like Jon Jones – Lesnar, which would have moved a ton of PPV sales and no title would have been on the line.

Does any of this mean that Cormier – Lesnar wouldn’t have been entertaining? Of course not. But so is watching fighters score pivotal wins and work their way into title fights. That’s a huge part of the sport.

Now, even if you’re a MMA purist, and weren’t down for Cormier – Lesnar, you have to feel for “DC”. The legend would have very likely collected a massive check from that fight, at a time when his career is winding down. You would think, however, that there will be a fair amount of interest in Cormier – Miocic 2.

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