Blake Shelton Promotes Drinking at Work to Young Followers on Instagram

There used to be a clear distinction between “family viewing hours” and that of late-night. Late night was more raucous than after-dinner programming. Since cable television, we’re at a point where judges, like Blake Shelton, are open about drinking on the job.

While not technically declaring “what’s in my black cup” on NBC’s “The Voice,” which is viewed by millions of families each week, Shelton took to his Instagram page to post a video of him pouring a large dose of Smithworks vodka — a brand he’s involved in the production of and has a partnership with — with a splash of Sprite to say he drinks on the job to “emotionally endure” the competition.


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Tonight I have to say goodbye to at least 1 member of Team Blake on @NBCTheVOICE…so that calls for some @SmithworksVodka.

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Not a healthy message for younger Instagram users.

Using alcohol as a crutch and coping mechanism is not a healthy message to send to younger fans. Shelton’s “work” is certainly not labor intensive or mentally taxing so there may be underlying issues.

Shelton went on to say that he gets asked by fans about what’s in his black cup on the show, and according to Shelton, it’s alcohol.

Levels of alcohol use and those seeking recovery from substances are on the rise. Alcohol abuse should not be present in what should be safe, family viewing.

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