UFC 239: Heads up Ben Askren, Jorge Masvidal’s Not From “This Technology World”

Jorge Masvidal has warned Ben Askren that words have consequences...

Ben Askren certainly isn’t afraid to fire verbal jabs at prospective or upcoming opponents. But, recently Jorge Masvidal warned “Funky” that he isn’t from a world where there are no repercussions for things you say…

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Since Askren arrived in the UFC, the decorated wrestler hasn’t been shy about calling out opponents or sharing his thoughts on other welterweight’s abilities. More recently, Askren headed to UFC London to watch Darren Till vs. Jorge Masvidal, and he campaigned hard for a scrap with the winner.

Well, as you know, Masvidal proceeded to bomb out Till, and now he’s fighting Askren at UFC 239, July 6th. The contenders have traded insults and warnings already, but on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “Gamebred” let fly on Askren (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“He’s like a f*cking 40 year old science teacher,” Masvidal said. “I don’t know why he acts like he’s new age. But he’s like these new age dudes that just f*cking talk. Just talk and talk, and talk about everybody. Shut the f*ck up. Because when somebody sees you in person, you’re not that guy. I don’t come from this technology world. If you say, ‘you’re a f*cking idiot’ or ‘you’re gonna punch me in the face,’ I better be ready for it.

“I’m just not going around disrespecting people. I get taught respect because if not, somebody’s gonna make you respect them. But these guys now grow up with all these little things and can say whatever the f*ck they want. Words carry weight, especially since my kids can read your stupid comments.”

“…He’s talking about gym stories. He came over to American Top Team, after I dumped him on his head, we kept wrestling and he out-scrambled me. Yeah, you beat me wrestling. We were straight wrestling. A two-time national champion and you’re proud of that? You’re telling people? That just shows me his character. He’s not who he pretends to be.”

There you have it. Clearly, Masvidal isn’t a fan of “Funky”. So, it’s going to be really interesting to see what goes down in the lead-up to UFC 239.

The July 6th event will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and will feature light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones taking on Thiago Santos in the headliner.

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