Tito Ortiz Lied to Us – He’s Not Retired

Tito Ortiz is like a giant-headed Terminator who keeps coming and coming, unwavering in his mission despite hella damage sustained from John Connor.

When last we saw UFC legend Tito Ortiz, he was beating old rival Chuck Liddell over the head with his walker, and then pulling out his dentures and throwing them at him.

That was supposed to be the last we’d ever see of Ortiz in the cage.

Or so we thought. Apparently, the man who made a living fighting still needs to fight to make a living. So he’s going to fight again! And again! And again! TMZ caught up with Ortiz and scooped up this news nugget. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to pry from him who the opponent might be, or really, where this fight would take place.

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