Country music star Sheryl Crow got political this week when she issued a ridiculously melodramatic plea to First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter.

“Dear FLOTUS Melania, could you ask your husband to stop bullying and stop inciting violence? It is tearing us apart. He seems to not care. Perhaps Donald Trump might listen to you?” Crow tweeted, adding the hashtags “#MothersWhoCare #StopBullying #FakeNewsTweets.”

Needless to say, Melania did not respond to this tweet, as she has far better things to do with her time.

Crow is not someone who typically gets political, so it’s disappointing to see that she’s a shameless liberal sheep like most other people in the entertainment industry. It’s all a shame to see that she’s bought into the leftwing narrative that President Trump is “inciting violence,” when all he is doing is defending himself from the relentless attacks that are constantly being hurled at him by Democrats.

The amount of abuse this president has taken from the left is unprecedented, so he should be allowed to speak out in his own defense.

Furthermore, the hashtag #StopBullying is a clear dig at Melania’s campaign to end bullying. Liberals have scoffed at Melania for making this her goal as First Lady, as they claim that her own husband is a bully. What leftists don’t realize is that they are bullies themselves who are constantly out to attack and silence those who disagree with their politics.

Crow should remember that as a country music singer, a large portion of her fans are conservative, and they have no interest in seeing her spout ignorant liberal propaganda. In tweeting ridiculous attacks on the Trump family, Crow is alienating much of her fanbase, so this could come back to bite her in ways that she has not thought about.

Crow should stick to what she’s good at, which is singing, and leave the politics to the people who actually know what they’re talking about.

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