Sasha Banks Is Not Showing Up for Work This Week

Something up with Sasha Banks!

More rumor and speculation are surrounding Sasha Banks since the alleged incident at WrestleMania 35.  The drama is continuing this week, as Sasha allegedly told a WWE employee she would not be showing up for work this week.

Discontent Over the Past Couple of Months

While this current rumor has not been substantiated, there is evidence that Sasha Banks has not been happy with the WWE for some time. In January 2019, Banks responded to a Tweet put up by The Revival. At the time, The Revival were hinting at a departure from the WWE, to which Banks responded.

More recently, Sasha Banks was scheduled for an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show after WrestleMania. However, Banks canceled her appearance a mere hours before she was scheduled to appear. Naturally, this left the producers less than impressed, stating Sasha Banks would not be invited again.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, both Sasha Banks and Bayley protested against losing their tag team championships at WrestleMania. It is alleged that they were laying on the floor in their locker room and in front of their hotel room to show their discontent. No evidence of this has been put forward though.

Wrestling Inc also reported this week that Sasha Banks is now following AEW Wrestling and some of its most prominent wrestlers on Twitter including Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and The Young Bucks. Funnily enough, it is reported that Banks is no longer following WWE’s official page or Vince McMahon.

Rumor or Truth?

Sasha Banks

As with all rumors, I take them with a serious grain of salt until there is an official confirmation. However, the reason I decided to cover this is because the news came from none other than Brad Shapard, a former WWE writer with connections inside the company. If the story is accurate, I am sure we will notice it this week.

I do believe there is something up with Sasha Banks at the moment, but without evidence it is a lot of speculation at this point. I hope there will be some clarity about Sasha Banks and her status within the company soon. If she wants to leave, I urge the WWE to give her the release she wants.

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