Rousey Return Timeframe + Did Sasha Banks Quit WWE + WWE Hires New Voice

With Rousey scheduled for surgery, when might we see her again? Did The Boss storm out of WWE and quit? And, WWE has a new voice

-The word heading into WrestleMania was that Ronda Rousey would be leaving WWE following the event.

The speculation then became, was she leaving for good, or was she leaving for an extended absence. One thought was she’d get time away, only to be lined up for a return when SmackDown moves to Fox later this year.

As we now know, her post-WrestleMania absence became a lot easier to figure, as Rousey suffered a hand injury during the WrestleMania main event. The Superstar is set for surgery on the hand tomorrow.

So when should we expect her back, if at all?

According to Fightful, they reiterate that Rousey still might opt to not come back at all. However, WWE officials are hopeful that she would be back later in 2019, or at worst, early in 2020. Those timeframes would likely fit either the SmackDown on Fox debut, or in time for a WrestleMania program.

-Following WrestleMania, there have been rumblings that Sasha Banks was not happy with WWE. We did not see her on RAW last week, and now we’ve gotten a report, via Twitter, that The Boss told the company she does not plan on showing up this week either:

Seeing as the Superstar Shakeup happens on RAW and SmackDown this week, it would not be the best set of shows to no-show. That being said, it will be extremely telling if Banks is not mentioned as staying or going as part of the shakeup.

WWE has also signed a new announcer. The company has signed Jonny Loquasto, who previously worked for Championship Wrestling of Hollywood.  WWE voice Cathy Kelley previously worked for CWH as well.

It will be interesting to see what WWE has in mind for Loquasto. It has been previously reported that Michael Cole may be phasing himself out. Additionally, there had been rumblings that WWE might remove Renee Young from commentary.

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