It’s often women who get pegged as the ones who feel pressure to find a life partner and someone to have children with, but according to royal expert and reporter, Katie Nicholl, Prince Harry was experiencing those feelings prior to meeting Meghan Markle, which could account for their whirlwind romance.

“Harry, at one point, was genuinely worried that he was going to be left on the shelf,” Nicholl said in a recent interview about her book. She went on to explain how William and Kate’s happiness was shining a glaring light on what Harry was missing out on in life.

“His brother [Prince William] was happily married with children,” she said. “Many of his friends, who up until that point had been eternal bachelors, were getting engaged, getting married. I think Harry genuinely worried about that, and one of the reasons he worried about that was because he wanted to find his life partner, and he wanted to be a dad. Harry wanted children for a very long time.”

For his part, Harry has said falling for Meghan was quick.

“The fact that I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was confirmation to me that all the stars were aligned,” Harry said in a BBC interview. “This beautiful woman just tripped and fell into my life, I fell into her life. I know that she will be unbelievably good at the job part of it as well.”

Nicholl also says the couple has planned to have a big family since the beginning and the move to Frogmore Cottage, rather than sharing a residence with William’s family, is indicative of that.

“I think Harry and Meghan are united in wanting a big family,” she said. “I think that Frogmore [having] 10 bedrooms is probably an indication that they’re certainly hoping for more than one child. Certainly, from the sources that I spoke to, it’s on the agenda and they don’t want to waste any time about it.”

“As soon as they were married, they wanted to start trying for a family,” Nicholl continued. “They were both apparently surprised and delighted that it happened as quickly as it did. … Anyone that has seen Harry with children knows there is a magnetism there… He has this incredible ability to connect. He has real empathy for them. He’s simply brilliant with kids and, I think, will be a brilliant father. I know it’s something he’s wanted for a long time.”

It’s also a matter of time-of-life. Meghan is 37 and the older she gets, the more likely complications for both the baby and herself — and even the likelihood of not conceiving — grow statistically greater.

The fact that Harry was able to find someone he wanted to spend his life with and that they are soon expecting their child soon, regardless of the frequent reports of disruptions the marriage has caused in the family, is something everyone can be happy about.

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