Members of the United States military are brave men and women who make huge sacrifices when they agree to serve their country. Marine Cpl. Brandon Crespo is one such serviceman who made a major sacrifice when he was deployed overseas while his wife Francis was pregnant with their first child.

Western Journal reported that Francis went into labor while Brandon was still deployed, and all he could do was listen over the phone while she gave birth.

“It was definitely hard…” Francis said, adding that at times she could only talk to Brandon once a month. “Having to go through pregnancy all by myself, it was definitely difficult…”

Francis gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Noah on June 13, 2018, and Brandon could not wait to meet his son. When his deployment finally ended, Francis was there waiting for him as soon as his unit was dismissed at a North Carolina military base. The video opens with Francis and Noah waiting for Brandon as they hold a sign that says, “Out of my way! I meet my daddy today!”

As soon as Brandon saw them, he broke out running, not wanting to spend another minute away from the two people he loves most in the world. When he reached them, Brandon could not help but cry as he was overcome with emotion, finally getting to meet his little boy. You might want to have some tissues handy yourself before you watch this video!

Francis and Brandon were both stunned when the video went viral.

“When we first posted the video, it was just for family members,” Francis told Ellen DeGeneres when they appeared on her show. “We’re just regular people.”

Ellen was not about to let Francis and Brandon leave empty-handed after this appearance, so she gave them a check for $20,000 so that they could go on the honeymoon that they never had a chance to take.

Sadly, it often seems like members of the military do not get the respect that they deserve these days, but videos like this serve as a reminder of all that they do for us. We would like to thank Brandon and all other American servicemen and women for their service!

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