Image Credit: Alistair Overeem


Okay, Maybe Alistair Overeem Still Has Some Fight Left In Him

Fun fact: Alistair Overeem began fighting in MMA before Zuffa owned the UFC, before the Unified Rules were adopted, and before it was cool.

I admit it. I keep expecting Alistair Overeem to lose in dramatic fashion, and then call it quits and retire in the Octagon. I mean, the dude has been doing this MMA thing since 1999 – that’s a lot of steroids to inject!

But he’s still chugging along, and yesterday he headlined the UFC’s trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. His opponent: grappling stud Alexey Oleynik. And guess what? That Ukranian grappling prowess meant nothing!

I guess for some reason Oleynik thought he could out-strike the striker…

…So Overeem fed him knees until he crumbled…

…And then pounded him out.

Really, if these cats keep trying to fight Overeem where Overeem fights best, then the wins will keep coming. But I can’t imagine the Dutchman lasting that much longer.

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