Meghan Markle is set to give birth to her first child with Prince Harry any day now. With the royal birth imminent, an expert has revealed that Meghan is likely planning on breaking tradition by incorporating American customs into the way she raises her baby.

“I think what we’ve seen with Meghan that makes her so unique and I think has really endeared her to people is that while she has a great respect for the traditions of the monarchy, the cultural institution that she married into, she also showed this ability to bring her own sense of identity, her heritage, being an American into being a royal,” royal expert Kate Nicholl told Fox News.

“The transition to parenthood is a huge one for anybody, but it’s particularly huge when a royal baby is involved because there’s just so much attention and interest to anything,” Nicholl continued. “But… I think [Markle] will manage to bring her own sense of parenting and reflect on her own American traditions. And I think she will find a way to very nearly merge that with royal tradition, along with everything else that is expected of a royal baby.”

Nicholl went on to say that while this would be a break with royal tradition, the royal family will likely not mind, as they have cut Meghan slack when it comes to her taking part in American traditions in the past. Specifically, they seem to have given her a free pass when it comes to her baby shower that she attended in New York City.

“I think that the royal family understands that Meghan’s heritage and culture of being an American are very, very important to her,” Nicholl said. “We saw that with the baby shower  — it’s not particularly an English thing to do, but it is an American thing to do. It was important to Meghan and she was very much allowed to go and enjoy that tradition. I think we will see her embrace parts of her cultural identity in the way that she and Harry raise the child. And I think it will be done with the full blessing of the queen.”

While Meghan will likely be able to incorporate American traditions into the way she raises her child, Nicholl warned the Duchess of Sussex to not take this too far.

“The couple must be careful not to stray too far,” she advised.

One of the most fun things about having an American in the royal family is seeing just how Meghan will incorporate her American background into her new life across the bond. The royal baby will be the child of two parents from two separate nations, so it’s important that both Harry and Meghan have the opportunity to instill their country’s traditions in their child. That being said, Meghan should be mindful of Nicholl’s warning not to overdo it, as it is crucial that she prioritizes raising a royal ahead of raising either an American or a Brit.

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