Things got heated once again on the ABC talk show “The View” on Tuesday when co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain got into a shouting match over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ recent statements that the Boston bomber should be allowed to vote.

Daily Mail reported that Meghan was absolutely incredulous over the comments that Sanders made on Monday, asking, “does anyone think a terrorist should have a right to vote?!” She added that Sanders’ comments were “disgraceful” and that Republicans should “turn that into an ad.”

Goldberg began to side with Sanders by saying, “If he’s an American citizen…” but a disgusted McCain cut her off by exclaiming, “he killed people!”

As the verbal altercation continued, Goldberg still tried to argue that the Boston bomber should indeed be allowed to vote in our elections.

“Our Constitution says if you’ve done your time, you have — we hope — been reformed, you’ve been changed,” Goldberg said, according to Fox News. “If they let him out, that means they feel his time is up and he gets to become the American citizen again.”

McCain, however, was not having any of it.

“I was upset about it because… if Democrats want to drag everybody this far left, this is why people like me are so upset and so disenfranchised with how extreme this is,” McCain said. “It’s not hard to say the Boston terrorist was a psycho lunatic who is a threat not only to national security but shouldn’t be allowed the right to vote in any election.”

She went on to bring up her brother’s military service.

“I’m trying to tell you, what Bernie Sanders said is going to be turned into a clip that will be – it upset me this morning,” McCain lamented. “Abby [Huntsman] and I – Abby and I didn’t have brothers that served multiple times, and I didn’t watch my brother deployed when he was 19 to fight this crap to have them come here and have the right to vote!”

When Goldberg appeared to be laughing towards the end of the exchange, McCain shut her down once again.

“Maybe you think terrorism is funny, I do not,” McCain said to her, to which a livid Goldberg responded, “Don’t do that, Meghan.”

As she so often does on this leftwing talk show, McCain hit the nail on the head. The comments that Sanders made on Monday were absolutely despicable, and it’s equally as disgusting that Goldberg tried to defend them. Any terrorist who launches an attack on our great nation does not deserve the right to vote in our elections, and anyone who thinks they should can’t truly call themselves a patriot.

McCain is also right that Democrats are digging their own graves with radical arguments like this one. Preposterous calls for things like terrorists being given the right to vote only alienate moderates who may have considered voting for a Democrat in the next election. Keep this up, Bernie and Whoopi, and you might just get Donald Trump reelected in 2020.

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