Weeks after Chicago prosecutors controversially dropped all charges against “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, the actor has been spotted on vacation in Hawaii participating in a tense phone call that indicates he is still very stressed about his situation.

Daily Mail reported that video footage shows Smollett, 36, talking on the phone to an unknown person in a parking lot. As he paces around the parking lot, Smollett can be heard saying, “I did not do any of this. The charges were dropped,” making it clear exactly what he was talking about.

“He was saying ‘Ryan, Ryan. You have to believe me,'” an onlooker added.

Smollett has been vacationing with his family in Hawaii since the charges were dropped, and witnesses say that they were dining nearby at the time of the phone call. You can see the video of the phone call yourself by clicking here.

Smollett was accused of staging a hate crime against himself back in January when he claimed that two men assaulted him while saying hateful racist and homophobic slurs and also shouting “this is MAGA country.” However, Chicago police concluded afterward that Smollett completely made up the attack and hired the two men who attacked him in the hopes of scoring a raise for himself on “Empire.”

Before charges were dropped, Smollett was facing 48 years in prison, and police were furious at the prosecutors’ decision. The city of Chicago has since filed a massive civil lawsuit against Smollett that legal experts say could be his “worst nightmare.”

The thought of Smollett being on a carefree Hawaiian vacation right now has been sickening to the millions of Americans who feel betrayed by what he allegedly did, so it’s nice to see that he’s still sweating it out over this situation. We hope that the city of Chicago stands by that civil lawsuit against him and that Smollett at least has to pay financially for what he did.

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