UFC on ESPN+8 Results: Jim Miller Gets Eleven Billionth Win in Octagon

Jim Miller first fought in the UFC back in 2008, and has since fought so many times, he's able to cash out his 401K without penalty.

New Jersey woodsman (seriously, the dude is an avid hunter and is probably in the woods more than his house) Jim Miller has been a UFC fighter since 2008. That’s a lot of mileage, and it spans a career with tons of ups and downs. But he’s still plugging away, and tonight he got to face a struggling not-ready-for-primetime player in Jason Gonzalez.

All you need to know about this one is that they traded a tiny bit, then Miller went for a takedown and spun to Gonzalez’s back. Then came the choke, then came the tap out, and that’s all she wrote.

In the postfight interview, Miller acknowledged that he’s in the sunset of his career, which, well, duh.


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