Chelsea Handler Blames ‘White Privilege’ for Her Behavior Towards Trump

Ever since President Donald Trump took office, Chelsea Handler has become known as one of the whiniest liberal elitists in Hollywood (and that’s saying a lot, because there are quite a few of them). Now, Handler is speaking out once again to blame “white privilege” for her acting like a “spoiled brat” in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

Fox News reported that while appearing on “The View” on Tuesday morning, Handler explained that she is currently working on a documentary about white privilege with Netflix. When asked about her own white privilege, Handler had this to say:

“White people certainly don’t want to talk about it. So I figured, start with myself so, you know, I can hang myself out to dry at my own privilege, at my own reaction to the presidency. Like a spoiled brat, you know, the way so many people were crying and screaming. It was like, ‘well, nothing in your life has ever gone that wrong before?’ I really had to take a look and go, ‘no.’ Yes, my brother died, that was traumatic and awful. But I’ve never been hungry, I’ve never been starving, I’ve never been discriminated against that I knew about. I think it’s important to have uncomfortable conversations about race because we have a big situation that’s happening. And I thought, like an idiot, Barack Obama being elected was the end of racial tension in this country, and that’s not the case.”

No, Chelsea, you did not act like a baby after the election because of the color of your skin. Instead, you acted like a brat because you are a wealthy Hollywood elitist who is completely out of touch with what real Americans want and need.

Handler had been living behind the walls of her Beverly Hills mansion for so long that by the time the 2016 election rolled around, she had no idea what was actually going on in the country. Handler and her fellow liberal celebrities live in a liberal bubble in Hollywood, and they all assumed that their fellow leftwing elitist Hillary Clinton would obviously beat Trump in the election. When this did not happen, Handler was so “triggered” that she says she nearly had a mental breakdown. Like a toddler who did not get what she wanted on the playground, Handler threw a temper tantrum instead of behaving like an adult and trying to understand why exactly so many people voted for Trump.

Now, all these years later, Handler is trying to spin her own obnoxious behavior in a way that fits the race-baiting liberal narrative that Democrats have come to rely on to get votes. Hopefully, people will see through this liberal nonsense and look at Handler as the closedminded brat that she is.

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