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UFC on ESPN 2 Results: Justin Gaethje Is the God of Violence and Destruction

If you thought Justin Gaethje vs. Edson Barboza was going to be five rounds of mass destruction, well, you were one fifth right.

In ancient times, civilizations loved to imagine all sorts of gods and ascribe traits to them. And it didn’t matter if you were standing in a temple in Assyria, Babylonia, Sparta, or Rome – if you were in their god of war’s zone of worship, you knew it from all the depictions of violence.

Well, if we still worshipped gods like that, you can bet Justin Gaethje would be the celestial dude responsible for violence and destruction, and the Octagon would be his temple.

In the main event of UFC on ESPN 2, Gaethje took on killer striker Edson Barboza. They of course wasted no time beating the stuffing out of each other…

…But apparently Gaethje had some other heavenly duties to attend to, because instead of going five rounds, and delivering about as much damage as he took, he simply turned Barboza’s lights out with a right hand.

I mean, what can you say about that? Gaethje is a god.

Get him a title shot ASAP.

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