UFC on ESPN 2 Results: Josh Emmett Murders Michael Johnson Dead

If you're Josh Emmett, and you're coming off a crushing KO loss, you have to feel crappy getting beaten up by Michael Johnson. And you have to love KOing him.

Josh Emmett made a pretty big splash when he knocked Ricardo Lamas out cold back in 2017. But his 2018 saw him get destroyed by Jeremy Stephens – literally. Stephens actually fractured the bones in his face. So for 2019, Emmett returned to the cage to face Michael Johnson.

Yes, Johnson is a pretty good boxer. Yes, Johnson was pretty much piecing Emmett up for nearly three full rounds at UFC on ESPN 2 last night. However, you know that saying about how anything can happen in a fight…?

That’s right, despite getting worked over for nearly 15 minutes, Emmett still had enough danger lurking in his glove to put poor Johnson into the Land of Slumber.

Of course, it’s quite possible that Johnson did enough damage to force Emmett to sit out the rest of the year. But even if that’s the case… at least Emmett left us all with a good taste in our mouths.


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