Beth Chapman, wife of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Duane Chapman, is currently fighting for her life months after being diagnosed with “incurable” lung cancer. Sadly, Beth was recently targeted by a hater who accused her of lying about her cancer diagnosis. Never one to back down, Beth took to social media to publicly shame the “loser” who made this accusation, letting her know that she is not the right person to mess with.

Inquisitr reported that Beth posted screenshots of what the hater said to her before revealing that the woman is in the bounty hunting business as well. Beth claimed that this woman and others in the bounty hunter industry have made accusations like this one because of jealousy.

“I find it disgusting that someone would suggest that this 8 inch scare [sic] across my throat is fake or the rounds of chemo were fake it’s so outrageous that 1. you’d have the nerve to utter that s**t under your breath, let alone out loud or on the internet,” Beth wrote. “Which is why if you’ve got the balls to say it, then let’s let everyone see how vile you actually are don’t now cry that Iv posted it on my own site for millions to see ! This in my opinion is worse than bullying worse than body shaming and completely culturally unacceptable.”

Beth went on to add in all capital letters, “JEALOUSY IS AS CRUEL AS A GRAVE!”

Beth Chapman’s difficult cancer battle

Beth has been open and honest about her lung cancer battle ever since she was first diagnosed back in 2017. By the end of that year, Beth was able to beat the disease, but it came back with a vengeance and she was diagnosed with it once again in November of 2018. By the time doctors caught it, the cancer had already spread to other parts of her body and they gave her the difficult news that her cancer is now “incurable.”

Despite this, Beth has decided to fight with everything she has and is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment as she also films a new reality show with her husband called “Dog’s Most Wanted.” With all that’s on Beth’s plate right now, it’s despicable that she has to deal with naysayers who accuse her of making up her cancer. We’re glad to see that Beth is still as strong as ever and that she was able to swiftly put this hater in her place.

Please keep Beth Chapman and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time!