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– News broke recently that Dean Ambrose was exiting the WWE after Wrestlemania 35, which shocked many a fan. Reports indicate that key factors in Ambrose’s denial to a re-sign was “hokey” promos and creative direction.

With All Elite Wrestling (AEW) exploding onto the pro wrestling scene and interested in many WWE superstars, it’s clear Vince McMahon doesn’t want to lose any talent to outside promotions, especially one with the star power that Ambrose has.

While Dean is reportedly in a good position financial-wise, money doesn’t seem to be something that could sway him. Perhaps a lighter schedule might keep him in the WWE?

Oh, You Didn’t Know’s Brad Shepard chimed in on Ambrose’s exit, noting that the WWE is trying something different to retain Dean. Apparently, they are giving it one more go by offering him a solid deal with potentially limited dates. It’s crystal-clear that the WWE does not want to lose the Lunatic Fringe. Only time will tell if this plan will in fact work.

– Speaking of unhappy superstars, it is being reported by the Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer that Vince is battling the idea of talents jumping ship by offering them a push inside that squared circle. Many might not want to leave the WWE for AEW if they are getting what they want in terms of creative direction.

According to reports, when the Revival were pondering an exit, the company made them a promise that they would become the face of RAW’s tag team division, and made good on it this past Monday night when the duo became tag champs for the red brand.

Meltzer relayed that fans will see a couple of more unhappy talents get the push they are looking for in the near future. Dave didn’t mention exactly who; however, if the WWE Universe unexpectedly sees some talents get pushed, this could be the big reason behind it all.

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