The Jose Aldo/Max Holloway Bromance Is the Best Bromance in All MMA

Former champ Jose Aldo won on Saturday night, earning praise from current champ Max Holloway - nothing but love between these guys, folks.

If not for the fistic stylings of Hawaiian slugger Max Holloway, it’s possible Jose Aldo would still be champ. But alas, in two go-arounds, Holloway beat the stuffing out of Aldo so thoroughly, it seemed like the Brazilian train was reaching its final destination.

But that doesn’t mean these two can’t be friends! And it certainly doesn’t preclude an epic bromance!

On Saturday night in Brazil, in the co-main event of UFC on ESPN+2, Aldo beat back fellow countryman Renato Moicano. It was a TKO reminiscent of the Aldo of old, and it prompted a social media comment from the reigning champ.

Aldo’s response? Oh, it was nothing but love, baby. As per MMAFighting:

“I think he’s a true champion,” Aldo said. “I’m happy about it because he deserves to be there, he deserves to be the champion. He achieved it, he’s battled from the beginning. He came into the UFC very young and I think that he conquered that. I have a lot of respect for him.

“He’s got a great story. He’s got a kid too, just like me, I have my family. So we defend that and I’m very happy and I wish him all the best at featherweight or at lightweight. I hope that he continues with his victorious path, always healthy.

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