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Country music star Miranda Lambert is no shrinking violet and the “Somethin’ Bad” singer failed to hide her crazy when she got into a heated argument with a couple at a Nashville steakhouse.

Lambert, 35, was reportedly having dinner with her mother and a younger male family friend at the Stoney River Steakhouse on Sunday when an argument broke out between the two tables.

In a video taken by a fellow diner, Miranda and her dinner partners can be seen continuing to argue with the older couple before the group decides to leave.

The argument allegedly started between the older man and Miranda’s younger friend in the restroom over a comment made about young people and their phones. The conflict continued out in the main dining area and that’s when Miranda Lambert involved herself.

Lambert reportedly picked up the seated woman’s salad and tossed it in her lap.

People who saw the fight go down said Lambert’s friend was having to hold her back at one point.

The police were called to the scene but by then, Lambert and her small party had left the restaurant and the police did not file a report on the incident.

While acting out in such a way seems rash, Lambert’s fans are coming to her defense.

“Miranda Lambert dumps salad on woman as a headline made me immediately think “the woman probably deserved it” #salad,” one fan tweeted.

While another went back in Twitter history to remark that Lambert had won the “10-year challenge” by still not eating salad.


That’s a commitment to attacks on salad.

For others, the destroying of an expensive plate of greens is now a marker for professional success.

“My new professional goal is to earn enough that I would consider dumping a $20 Stoney River salad on someone’s head,” reads one tweet.

For her part, Lambert hasn’t provided any public comment on the incident so far.

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