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Miley Cyrus is trying to flex her spoiled Hollywood brat muscle to encourage people to become vegan. The singer is using her social media presence to guilt people into not eating meat.

Of course now that she is a vegan, she feels she is better than everyone else and has the right to lecture us. I can’t imagine how insufferable she would be if she starts Crossfit too. We’ll never hear the end of it!

She actually compared eating beef to eating a dog on her Instagram account. She spliced a face of a dog with the dog of a cow in a picture in an attempt to shame meat eaters. She even went so far as to say that meat eaters don’t love animals.

If you choose to eat meat …. you love PETS not ANIMALS….. #loveanimalsdonteatthem #vegan RG @moby

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Sorry, Miley it’s not happening. Don’t Miley’s dogs eat meat? Does that mean they lack compassion? It might be easy to be a vegan when you have a personal chef and a hippy grocery store on every corner like in L.A., but most Americans don’t have these pampered luxuries and most of them like meat!

Miley is so obsessed with being vegan that she even got a vegan tattoo. Boy, that’s going to look funny when she falls off the vegan wagon and accidentally has something with milk in it. You know it’s going to happen!

Vegan for life! ?

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If she wants to be a vegan, that’s her business. I’ve had enough of people think they are the food police and lecturing us on how awful we are!

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