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Katy Perry just became the latest leftwing entertainer to launch a despicable attack on President Donald Trump when she boasted that she enjoys throwing darts at a dartboard with his face on it to relieve stress.

This was revealed by Paper Magazine, which conducted a cover story interview with the “California Girls” singer.

“Hidden on the back door of a closet in her office is another means of what could be seen as stress relief: a dartboard depicting an image of the current president,” the magazine stated. “Perry refuses to utter his name out loud. ‘I have this rule that I just say ’45.’ Everything is an energy. Words. Deep energy.'”

Perry has been against Trump from the start

Perry has been bitter against Trump from the start, as she was a major campaigner for Hillary Clinton. Since he won the election, Perry has made many melodramatic statements against Trump, claiming that his victory “brought up a lot of trauma” for her.

“Misogyny and sexism were in my childhood: I have an issue with suppressive males and not being seen as equal,” Perry told Vogue Magazine in 2017. “I felt like a little kid again being faced with a scary, controlling guy.”

As if Trump winning or losing would have any impact on the life of Perry, a pop star worth $280 million dollars. The fact that Perry is trying to paint herself as some kind of “victim” of Trump is laughable. Oh, how difficult life must be for her in Trump’s America! How does Katy Perry survive in her Beverly Hills mansion with such a “misogynist” in the White House?!

Of course, Perry has gotten no backlash for admitting to throwing darts at the president of the United States. Back when Barack Obama was in office, an admission like this would have been a career-ender, as liberal snowflakes would have immediately accused Perry of being a crazed, violent racist. Since she is throwing darts at Trump, however, she is hit with nothing but a pat on the back from liberals who would like to see far worse happen to the president.

Ah, the hypocrisy of liberals!

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