me too dolly parton
me too dolly parton

Country music legend Dolly Parton just spoke out to offer her insight into the #MeToo movement and to talk about her personal experience of being a woman working in the entertainment industry for decades.

Fox News reported that when asked if she had ever experienced a #MeToo incident personally, Parton said that she had not and went on to explain how she had avoided being victimized.

“You know, I didn’t really think about it like that at the time because I had grown up with men. I have six brothers, my dad, my uncles — I was always close to all the men in my family. I’ve known a lot of great men. So I didn’t think about it that much. Of course, I’ve been hit on all my life as any young girl would be — but I always take it as a compliment. I never did anything to try and get ahead in the business. I never slept with anybody unless I wanted to.”

“I never found myself in any of those positions or I tried to stay out of those positions, and if I found myself in that, I was lucky I had a great personality and a great sense of humor that I could joke my way out of a lot of it — and then if I couldn’t, I have a temper and backbone so I could get out of it some other way.”

Parton strives to empower women rather than make them victims

Parton’s take on the #MeToo movement is a unique one, as it both honors women who have been victimized while encouraging women to take action when they find themselves in uncomfortable situations. When Parton was hit on by someone inappropriately, she didn’t cry about it. Instead, she used her personality, temper, and backbone to get out of the situation. If that’s not female empowerment, I don’t know what is!

There are many good things about the #MeToo movement, but a lot of leftists have shamelessly used it to make women into helpless victims just like they have with other minorities. We applaud Parton for honoring this movement while also giving women back their power!