California High School Bans Girl From Wearing MAGA Hat

A teenage girl from California has just come forward to say that her high school has told her that she is not allowed to wear her MAGA hat to school.

Fox News reported Maddie Mueller is a student at Clovis North High School who said that she tried to wear her MAGA hat to school on Wednesday for the conservative group Valley Patriots, which she is a part of. When school officials told her to remove the hat, she asked if she could instead wear a hat that was both pro-Trump and had the school colors on it, but this request was denied as well.

Maddie has now gone public with what happened, saying that her First Amendment rights have been violated. The teenager could not believe that “being a patriot in trying to show pride in your country” was being classified as “inappropriate” by her school.

The Clovis Unified School District is claiming that the issue at hand is that she was wearing a hat, which they say violates their dress code.

“It’s unfortunate that our dress code is being misrepresented as specifically singling out a MAGA hat as that is not what the policy says,” Chief Communication Officer Kelly Avants said, adding that their dress code dictates that students must wear clothing that fosters “a learning environment free from distraction and that promotes a safe and welcoming environment on campus.”

That defense sounds an awful lot like Maddie was told that she could not wear a MAGA hat because it does not promote a “safe and welcoming environment.” Though the school claims that Maddie would be allowed to wear a MAGA shirt, she says that she has tried that before and been told not to do so again.

Back when Barack Obama was in office, it was incredibly common to see young people wearing apparel with his name on it, and doing so was not seen as controversial at all. As soon as Trump took office, however, showing any kind of pride in the president was immediately dubbed “offensive.”

We applaud Maddie for having the courage to support our president so openly, and it’s unfortunate that we live in a time when such shows of support for the president are getting young people in trouble. We hope that Maddie and other young people like her will continue to take a stand for the president whenever they can!

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