Arn Anderson Has Been Released by the WWE

Several websites have reported that Arn Anderson has been released by the WWE; he was a member of the four horsemen and a backstage producer.

Shocking news from WWE headquarters, several websites have reported that Arn Anderson has been released by the WWE. As a member of the four horsemen and a backstage producer, many have been left reeling by the news.

Return in 2001

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson returned to the WWE after Vince won the Monday Night Wars against WCW. However, Anderson had been with the company way before that. You might remember him  part of the four horsemen.

Anderson had many roles in the WWE over his career. First, he wrestled for the company. Then, he became a commentator. Finally, he was moved backstage, where he took on the role of a backstage producer and agent.

Fired Before Ric Flair’s Birthday Celebration?

Arn Anderson and Ric Flair

While the reasons for his release are not yet know, the timing of his release is surprising. Arn Anderson and Ric Flair are good friends, yet his release is taking place just before Ric’s birthday celebrations on Monday Night Raw?

Revamping His Backstage Team

jeff jarrett

The WWE has not officially confirmed Arn Anderson’s departure and the reason for his release. We are still waiting on some official confirmation. That being said, there are some notable new acquisitions that could be an indications of things changing to the backstage production team.

Jeff Jarrett, Chris Parks and Sonjay Dutt have been acquired by Vince McMahon recently. They are expected to be a part of the backstage team, responsible for anything from bookings to production. If this is the reason why Arn Anderson was released, it would be a sad state of affairs indeed.

I assume the WWE will release a statement on Arn’s release soon. I hope he was released by his own wishes, and he has not been made redundant. It would be a shame for this legend to depart from the company in this manner, so let us hope retirement is the reason.

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