A 79-year-old woman from Georgia showed a home intruder that he picked the wrong woman to mess with when she opened fire on him as he tried to break into her home.

Fox News reported that the woman called police as soon as the break-in began, explaining on the 911 call that the suspect “tried to get in the back door.” The operator then heard her telling the suspect “I got something for you” before she fired off her first shot at him.

The elderly woman, who has not been identified, continued to stay strong when the suspect got inside her home and made his way upstairs.

“I’m waiting on ya. When you come down them stairs, I’m gonna blow your damn brains out. I’m waiting,” she said before firing at him once again.

“Ma’am, are you shootin’ at him again?” the 911 operator asked, according to WTHR.

“Yes ma’am,” the homeowner replied.

Police later confirmed that woman fired two shots at the man trying to break into her home.

“The homeowner heard someone trying to get in a window and went to her back door to look out, at which time a black male was standing there,” the local police department said in a statement. “The homeowner was armed and advised the suspect not to enter her house. A short time later, the homeowner heard glass break in the upstairs part of the residence.”

The suspect was later identified as 20-year-old Hans E. Rogers, and he has since been arrested and charged with home invasion and burglary. The elderly woman’s family were not surprised at all when they heard what she had done.

“She didn’t allow herself to become a victim,” said the woman’s daughter. “My mother’s a very strong woman. I know where I get my strength from, now. As a matter of fact, I think she’s a little stronger. I don’t know if I could have handled that situation as well as she did.”

This just goes to show how important having a gun around the house really can be! This woman’s weapon allowed her to go from being a helpless elderly woman to gaining the upper hand on a man nearly sixty years her junior. Lord only knows what would have happened had she not had her gun, so we’re glad she lives in a country that allows her to exercise her Second Amendment rights.

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