Uh Oh, We’ve Entered the Donald Cerrone Retrospective Phase

Did you know that Donald Cerrone is so old, he actually was a cowboy in the Old West. He rustled cattle, ate baked beans and rode a bison.

He’s been an elite fighter for so long, we’ve taken him for granted. But now he’s no longer headlining UFC cards. Instead, he’s fighting on prelim bouts. Folks, it’s getting hard to deny that Donald Cerrone is entering into the twilight of his career.

At next weekend’s UFC on ESPN+1, Cerrone is taking on Alexander Hernandez, who is… man who knows. The point is, Cerrone is losing some of that luster.

And now the UFC is hyping Cerrone’s presence on the card with a career retrospective? Man, the end of the road for “Cowboy” is rapidly approaching. Enjoy him while you can.

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