Snoop Says Anyone Affected By the Shutdown Is ‘Stupid’ to Vote Trump

Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg is telling government workers currently being affected by the shutdown not to support President Trump in 2020.

In a profanity-filled Instagram video, Snoop Dogg, who has never been shy about criticizing the president, told government workers currently out of work due to the shutdown that they are “stupid mother f—ers” if they vote for Trump in the next election.

“All you federal government workers that’s not being paid, that’s being treated f—ing unfairly right now … that’s so terrible,” he said. “And this punk mother f—er don’t care.”

The rapper posted the video on Saturday as the shutdown over Trump’s border wall entered its third week.

The president has said that he believes many federal furloughed workers support the border wall. Trump said on Sunday that he “can relate” to federal workers who aren’t currently being paid.

In the video, Snoop Dogg wore a blue, knit cap reading “Make America Snow Again.”

“This punk motherf***er don’t care”

“Y’all honest, blue-collar, hard-working people, and suffering,” Snoop said. “So if he don’t care about y’all, he really don’t give a f— about us. So f— him too, and f— everybody down with Donald Trump.”

Trump has refused to back down from wanting $5.6 billion in funding for his proposed border wall, which congressional Democrats are still resisting.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus, is probably not wrong about how some of the federal workers currently not being paid feel about the president at the moment. But President Trump is probably not wrong either – that even some who are currently going without pay support his agenda including the wall and are likely to vote for him again.

That doesn’t make anyone “stupid,” however complicated this situation is.

Maybe Snoop Dogg should stick to making music and let voters decide on their own what they will do in 2020.