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Roseanne Barr reemerged in Tel Aviv, Israel on Monday night to slam the liberal world of Hollywood and to confirm that ABC executives fired her last May because of her outspoken support of President Donald Trump.

Haaretz reported that while appearing at a Tel Aviv International Salon event, Barr spoke about her fiercely pro-Israel views, which she says are what both led her to vote for Trump and to Hollywood despising her so much.

“I voted for Trump because he promised to move the embassy and recognized Jerusalem!” Barr said as the crowd cheered. She went on to add that Trump “loves Jewish people and that’s why they hate him, I think. They hate him because he likes us.”

Barr also opened up about specifics surrounding her firing like never before. She explained that she wanted to bring back her sitcom “Roseanne” in order to show that Trump supporters and liberals can put aside their differences and get along within the same family. Barr said that this is why her reboot was doomed from the beginning, as one of the main foundations of the Democrats’ agenda right now is to divide our country by vilifying Trump supporters at every turn.

ABC’s president never wanted a ‘Roseanne’ spinoff

Barr explained that ABC’s then-president Channing Dungey “didn’t really want my show” because “she was friends with the Obamas and other people in power.” Barr said that Dungey, who later fired her, had an “attitude” towards her from the beginning and did not like the idea of doing a show in which people have differing political views yet “still loved each other.”

In the end, Barr said that with her reboot, she “tried to do some healing and “put a crimp in the hate business.” This seems to have been the nail in Barr’s coffin, as the last thing that Hollywood wants right now is for liberals and Trump supporters to start getting along. If that were to happen, liberals might actually start listening to reason and see that Trump actually isn’t so bad for this country, which is something that Democrats just can’t afford to have happen.

This just goes to show that liberals don’t actually want peace and unity when they are in power. The left only preaches about being “open-minded” when they are around people who agree with all of their views. Despite what the mainstream media is constantly saying, it is liberals who have divided our country like never before.