Ronda Rousey Done After WM 35? Two Impact Veterans WWE Bound

Ronda Rousey has dominated the Monday Night RAW Women’s division (and mass media headlines) since she first debuted with the company during the close to last year’s Royal Rumble event. She’s on top of the WWE mountain right now; however, it seems as if she may be wrapping up her sports entertainment career quite soon.

As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there seems to be a “good chance” that the Baddest Woman on the Planet will be done with the company at Wrestlemania 35. Reports have indicated there has been quite some talk within the WWE regarding Ronda’s exit this week, and as of right now, her leaving after WM 35 seems to be the plan.

It’s been implied by past reports that Rousey’s stint with the WWE was always thought to be a temporary one. There’s also been word that she is ready to start a family with hubby Travis Browne, which would explain her short (but highly-successful) run. While it was stated in the past that Ronda’s deal was full-time for multiple years, in reality, it was merely a one-year contract all along, and it was known that she would be leaving after this year’s ‘Mania.

While there is no “firm” final day for Rousey, her WWE exit is a working idea. Vince could always lay an offer she can’t refuse before her deal is up, which is what he’s infamous for doing with Brock Lesnar. Still, if Ronda Rousey does leave there is also a good possibility she could come back on a part-time basis for special appearances on Monday Night RAW, SmackDown LIVE or a pay-per-view, much like The Undertaker and John Cena are know for.


– As per PWInsider, Impact Wrestling’s Abyss and Sonjay Dutt are slated to begin working with the WWE after they exit the company. Officials from Impact Wrestling sent an email to the roster announcing their departures and wished both men well. Both departures are said to be amicable, and the company did not want to hold back either Abyss or Dutt when it came to other opportunities.

As the longest-contracted superstar in the history of TNA/Impact, Abyss entered the company in 2002, and was inducted into their Hall of Fame just last fall. He had been working on Impact as a producer as of late. Meanwhile, Dutt was on the company’s creative team within a significant role, working with Scott D’Amore, Don Callis, and Jimmy Jacobs. Due to Sonjay’s departure, Konnan and Tommy Dreamer have now joined Impact’s creative team.

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