NXT Call-Ups Finish Taping, When Will They Appear on Main?

The WWE has been teasing us mercilessly with promos of recent call-ups to the main roster including Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans, and Lars Sullivan.

The WWE has been teasing us mercilessly with promos of recent call-ups to the main roster including Nikki Cross, EC3, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, and Lars Sullivan. While I couldn’t care less about Lars Sullivan, I am excited about the rest of the call-ups, so I was more than happy to find out their tapings have now officially finished.

With the tapings behind them, it is expected the new additions to the Raw roster will make their appearance soon. Here is what we know (or suspect)!

Royal Rumble Weekend

Royal Rumble

The tapings in question were the last in the run-up to the TakeOver: Phoenix, which takes place during the so-called Royal Rumble weekend. In theory, this could mean some of the call-ups could make an appearance at the Royal Rumble event. They could also appear on the Raw or SmackDown episodes after Royal Rumble weekend.

Interestingly, EC3 and Nikki Cross appear to be the only ones that are clear after next Wednesday. Since they wrestled their final TV matches and the episodes are going to be aired then. Sullivan was not part of the television tapings, so he should be free and clear to come up, too.

One thing that is in doubt is the status of Lacey Evans and Heavy Machinery. Evans’ last match took place against Xia Li, which will be aired on January 16. On the other hand, Heavy Machinery (Steaks and Weights!) were a part of a dark main event against Undisputed Era. This could mean there is some unfinished businesses for the upcoming NXT pay-per-view.

Nikki Wins Women’s Royal Rumble?

Nikki Cross

One of the call-ups I am most excited about is Nikki Cross. I have been waiting for her to come up for ages, so this is like a dream come true. While I am a little disappointed she is no longer with Sanity, I am sure she will do good on her own as well.

The women’s Royal Rumble would be an excellent time for Nikki Cross to appear on the main roster. And what better way for her than to win the entire thing and face either Asuka or Ronda Rousey. Both would work!

Nikki will do well no matter which roster she ends up on, but we cannot forget the amazing feud she had with Asuka while Asuka was on her undefeated streak on NXT. A repeat of that would certainly be great, or a fresh feud with Ronda Rousey could also wet our whistle.

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