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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is one of the most radically anti-Donald Trump figures in Hollywood, as he has spent the past few years launching one deranged attack after another on the president.

On Thursday night, Moore hit a new low in his quest to destroy Trump during an appearance on “The Late Show” in which he called on people to fight back against Trump and the shutdown in a disturbing way. Fox News reported that Moore began his rant by saying that it’s “crazy” that the shutdown has gone on this long.

“Federal workers, don’t go to work without pay,” Moore said. “And we, the people, shouldn’t be supporting anything that requires someone who is not paid working for us. We should not fly. Don’t fill out your tax return.”

Even host Stephen Colbert, a radical anti-Trump liberal himself, had to tell Moore to hold his horses on that advice.

“Now hold on,” Colbert interrupted. “I don’t want my audience to go to jail!”

Moore, however, would not be deterred.

“No, don’t go to jail. You don’t need to,” Moore added. “Go online to the IRS, every American has the right to file a one-page form that lets you file on August 15th. Everybody has a right for an extension. All you got to do is ask for it. And that way, you don’t have unpaid IRS workers doing work for you.”

“Consult a lawyer first,” Colbert cautioned viewers.

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It’s sad that, like many liberals, Moore would rather see our country fail than see Trump succeed. Moore is ignoring the fact that at this point, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are just as responsible for the shutdown as Trump is. If they would simply play ball with Trump and allocate money for his wall, the shutdown would end right away.

For Moore to go on live television and urge Americans not to pay their taxes just so Trump will fail is Trump derangement syndrome at it’s absolute worst. It’s time for talk show hosts to stop giving this nut job a platform to spew his ignorant anti-Trump hatred to the American people.

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