Latest On Lars Sullivan + WWE Superstar Returning

-Curious by his absence over the last few months, we have news on Lars Sullivan.

Many fans expected to see The Freak by now. His introductory vignettes began airing at Survivor Series, and he’s been “coming soon” since then. At few weeks later, Vince McMahon announced other NXT call ups, and at this point we’ve seen all on camera at RAW, SmackDown or the Royal Rumble.

All, that is, except for Lars Sullivan.

Over the weekend, a post was updated on his Twitter that elaborated on his status. The posting was covered on WrestlingInc, saying that while Lars had gone missing, he was in a good place now and that he was sorry to disappoint fans.

This situation is worth watching. There were reportedly big plans for Sullivan, including having him show up on both shows and be a monster. Another plan was to have Sullivan attack John Cena, being the reason Cena missed last night’s Rumble. This would have led to a match at WrestleMania.

The latest word is those WrestleMania plans have been scrapped.

We hope that whatever Lars Sullivan is dealing with, he takes care of.

-In other news, WWE is bringing in some big name talent…in producer roles backstage. Recently it was reported that Abyss and Sonjay Dutt, recently with IMPACT, would be heading to WWE to serve as backstage producers.

Now, we are learning that a former WWE Superstar will be joining them.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms, formerly with Ring of Honor, is slated to rejoin WWE. He is expected to fill a backstage producer role as well.

His most successful stint with WWE involved him adopting a superhero persona of The Hurricane. Fans of his work will no doubt hope that his return brings back some of that superhero fun. For now, it appears we can only dream.

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