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Joy Behar spoke out on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” to respond to Kamala Harris’ announcement that she is running for president by launching yet another attack on the American people. This time, Behar claimed that only America could not “see our way through the misogyny” to elect a woman president.

“You know, I don’t think you can ignore the possibility that people in this country will not vote for a woman based on experience,” Behar whined. “We just put in office a reality star who thought Frederick Douglass was alive. And men in huge numbers voted for him. I think that they will do it again, the men.”

Behar is conveniently ignoring the fact that millions of women voted for Donald Trump, a statistic that liberals love to ignore.

“Now, the women are another story, I mean, but Shirley Chisholm very famously said she experienced more discrimination as a woman than she did as a black woman,” Behar continued. “So I’m not sure. I mean every other country, Israel had a woman, Pakistan, India, New Zealand, England, Germany the list goes on and on. Only we cannot see our way through the misogyny in this country. Which is sad because she’s really good.”

It’s despicable that Behar is already laying the foundation to accuse conservatives of being “sexist” should they end up voting for Trump over a female Democratic presidential candidate. Behar would undoubtedly not be touting identity politics so blatantly if a female conservative were running against a male Democrat. However, since Trump is a white man who committed an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the left by beating a Democratic woman in 2016, Behar and her comrades are ready to whine about sexism and racism in the coming election like it is their job.

Liberals can’t accept Clinton lost

Liberals like Behar just can’t seem to get over the fact that Hillary Clinton did not lose in 2016 because she is a woman. Instead, she lost because she was a deeply flawed candidate who had lost the trust of the American people over the course of decades in the public eye that included a horrific tenure as Secretary of State. Clinton’s gender had nothing to do with her loss, and millions of women had good reason not to vote for her.

It’s amazing that Behar and her fellow leftists don’t see how sexist it is to constantly call for people to vote for candidates like Clinton and Harris simply because they are women. Hopefully, the left will one day learn that a person’s gender and race do not matter and that the only important thing when it comes to voting is choosing the best candidate for the position.

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