UFC Fight Night Brooklyn Results: Henry Cejudo Wrecks TJ Dillashaw in Less Than a Minute

It would take a miracle to save the flyweight division from being scrapped... but maybe flyweight champ Henry Cejudo has performed a miracle.

It was the latest installment of the “champ versus champ” series, with flyweight king Henry Cejudo taking on bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw. But there was a lot more at stake than just a belt. You see, the UFC is on the cusp of getting rid of the flyweight division, and the 125-pound champ losing would be the perfect opportunity to kill it.

So of course the Olympic wrestler rose to the occasion.

It took a little more than half a minute for Cejudo to overwhelm Dillashaw with strikes. From a kick to the head to a storm of punches, Cejudo had Dillashaw stumbling, dropping, rising up and dropping again. The ref saw enough at the 32-second mark.

Is the division saved? Maybe. Hopefully. After beating the champ in the weight class above, the flyweight champ certainly deserves to keep his kingdom.

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