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We can only afford diamonds this big, explains Linda McMahon at a press conference
linda vince

“We can only afford diamonds this big,” explains Linda McMahon at a press conference

As the American government shutdown enters its third week, federal Small Business Administrator and former carny Linda McMahon says she is “barely scraping by” without a regular paycheck.

“Times are tough,” McMahon tweeted from the infinity pool of the Connecticut home she shares with husband and sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon. “Just today, Vince had to fire our two favorite butlers.”

The government shutdown — initiated by WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Trump in a temper tantrum over a proposed wall to prevent luchadors from doing planchas across the border — means hundreds of thousands of federal employers are working without compensation (known as “indy pay”).

Although some pundits believe the McMahon family is wealthy enough to get by for a while longer without Linda’s salary, Linda says the family must “save every penny” in anticipation of being bankrupted by Vince’s decision to resurrect the XFL.

Linda reportedly asked her son Shane for a short term loan, but sources say he only loaned her the meagre amount of “dolla dolla.”