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Fans of the adult cartoon show “Family Guy” have long been used to the show’s lampooning of certain pop culture and political figures. The show isn’t for the easily offended. People who like the show have to be ready for the outright offensive, but that’s often the reason why they enjoy the show. But, as with anything that comes out of Hollywood, the whinging on about Republicans and Donald Trump can wear on fan’s sensibilities.

“Family Guy is a low class humor show,” writer Carmine Sabia tweeted. “That is part of its charm and why I watch it. But this Trump episode is just a liberal whine fest with disgusting jokes about Ivanka and her dad. Its pathetic. Its not even humorous.”

“Family Guy” debuted on the FOX network in 1999.

“Family Guy” has featured past president’s, including Bill Clinton, bumbling George W. Bush, but predictably treated Barack Obama with kid gloves.

In a recent episode, Seth MacFarlane’s hallmark show did exactly that, earning bored and annoyed comments from the viewing public. The episode features the Griffin family heading to the White House where a caricature version of President Trump licks daughter Meg’s leg while Vice President Mike Pence laughingly looks on.

“Family Guy” was canceled in 2002 but was brought back into production in 2005.

The writers certainly didn’t try very hard to be funny as actual jokes the show is known for were few and far between. The scenes get downright uncreative and trope-y when Peter Griffin hands over a card with his usernames and password to a Russian agent.

Instead of being funny, the episode, titled “Trump Guy,” comes off as just one continuous whine about the fact that Trump and his family are in the White House.

“#FamilyGuy is exposing the Trump Derangement Syndrome in Hollywood, they hate him so much that they’ll write an entire episode of garbage just to try to mock him nationally. Couple of good jokes thrown into an otherwise dumpster fire episode. Trump sucks blah blah get over it,” one Twitter user commented.

As with any show, some episodes are misses. Fans of “Family Guy” can only hope the writers and creator, Seth MacFarlane, got all their griping about the Trumps out of their systems for a while.

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